"It may not be over yet. Anything's possible. I feel unstoppable now. The gods of war have reawakened me. Ignited my ego and want me to go to war again...I fell like i'm young again." - Tyson about some deep shit from Mike. Everything about that statement and his recent training videos make me want to believe he could be the YOUNGEST and the OLDEST Heavyweight Champion ever...but let me bring myself back to earth for a moment....Tyson's last fight was against Kevin McBride 15 years ago where he was stopped in the 6th round....McBride then went on to lose 6 of his next 8 fights...Recalling this is pretty sobering and makes the prospect of return against top competition seem foolish. But who was Tyson when he was fighting Mcbride? Mike was fighting purely for money and was in a dark mental state that carried years after his career was over. Tyson is in a great mental space now and has overcome much of his adversity and inner demons. Can a focused Tyson even at 53 challenge todays best..?? It goes against all logic but the thing Heavyweight boxing not everything is only takes one punch....

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