Shakur Stevenson Shines in 1st show back

Shakur put on another masterful performance making target practice out of Caraballo. The finish was a beautiful shot to the liver that made Caraballo writhe in pain on the mat...honestly I am a little disappointed in the quality of opponent for Stevenson...we know how good Shakur is and the fans deserve a little more than they received tonight....Overall it was a card full of some young talent but my complaint is the lack of competitive matchups...i get that these are unique circumstances but i'm sick of making excuses for boxing when the UFC has been putting together great fights under the same circumstances.

My "Fighter of the Night" award goes to Jared Anderson now 4-0(4kos)

Jared "Big Baby" Anderson (Heavyweight) won his fight by breaking down his opponent with shots to the body. He's a guy I was super impressed with...very willing to put in work to the body and was heavy handed....Showed personality with his "patriots" themed ring attire and was looking for the finish right away....a little reckless at times but at 20 years old it seems he has a bright future in the Heavyweight division

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