Distance, distance, distance... When you are in the ring with your opponent the objective is to win your battle. During the process you MUST go in blow for blow but, you MUST always know when to keep your "distance." In order to not tire yourself out, or give you opponent the valuable opportunity to get too close to you.

Distance, distance, distance... Mo Dollaz is releasing a record named "Distance" May 29th. This record is about the feels and visions of what's going on in our today's world. Before this 2020 pandemic/Cova-19 situation we are allf acing in life. I was already socially distancing my self from CERTAIN people. Not because I wanted but because I needed to. In order to understand my goals, reach my goals, and pursue more accomplish things that many in my family nor" friends" circle has. So, "pardon me if I started to keep my distance ,"I'm sure, in due time they'll overstand.

Not only will you guys get an amazing new record from Mo, but Mo has also teamed up with his mentor Olivier French to record a visual to the record. Imagine Bobby Brown, a little Michal Jackson, and some Bronx twang and energy, given to you from an OG's point of view, CLASSIC! Song drops midnight, video is on the way, stay tuned.


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