Bobbing & Weaving Melodies

There is something about music that'll keep an individual in a zone when in pursuit. Keeping focus on the beat on the studio is much like keeping focus on your feet in the ring. Only difference is "when music hits you feel no pain", unlike boxing... when that glove hits you'll definitely feel the pain. This new transition in combining Mo Dollaz's musical art with Brooklyn Boxing/ThePodMatrix has introduced and influenced a new hungered beast. One that consists of various energies combined to endure such a historical content to then give a newer and fresh looking; getting viewers to be entertained and informed on historical moments in the beautiful sport of boxing. Mo Dollaz's music carries a form of energy that gets you motivate, inspired, dedicated. Pivot the direction of your blow before you strike your target whether its a goal or target, just don't forget to Bob & Weave.


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